Anything you want to ask a teacher, ask yourself, and wait for the answer in silence.

- Byron Katie

How I Work

My most basic value is to work in collaboration with you, listening intuitively for what’s needed next, and offering tools and guidance along the way.

Throughout the process, however, I believe the work you do, the life you transform, and the choices you make are all your own. I deeply honor and respect your journey as yours, and I support your empowerment to create it as you so choose.

I begin our therapeutic relationship by focusing on creating a warm, genuine and heartfelt connection with you. I wholeheartedly accept and support you exactly where you are—after all, where else could you possible be?

During our time together, we work collaboratively to:

  • Meet all that arises with acceptance and respect;
  • Bring forth unconscious conditioning and transform old patterns with expanded awareness;
  • Dissolve long-held stories and false beliefs that create suffering;
  • Uncover the truth of your radiant heart.


I ground my practice in a process I developed called Mindful Inquiry. Together, in a relaxed, open, and deeply aware state, we peel away the stories and misconceptions of the mind that mask your innate beauty and truth. Other mind-body practices I draw on, such as guided imagery and EMDR, further nurture and accelerate your transformation.  Finally, I offer pragmatic information and guidance, often with lightheartedness, to translate our work into change you can actually see and feel in your life.

Despite all these tools I use, I find that my practice—and each client’s journey—transcends the sum of the parts. My clients shift, open, and transform in ways that often humble us both.

Mindful Inquiry

Mindful Inquiry forms the foundation of my practice. It’s a process I developed that I use with—and teach to—individuals, couples, and groups. The power of Mindful Inquiry lies in assisting you to peel away long-held, distressing stories and false beliefs, allowing you to uncover and embrace your heart’s truth.

What are these stories and where do they come from? They are the conditioned thoughts and core beliefs our mind creates. These beliefs are known by many names, such as illusions, myths, fictions or misconceptions. In my practice, I frequently refer to these creations of the mind as “stories.” Most often these stories are created in childhood and we carry them with us, unknowingly, into our adult lives. Through all my years of study and experience, the clearest and most certain path to transformation I have seen is to release ourselves from our stories; in my practice, we create this with patience, self-love, and Mindful Inquiry.

Guided Imagery

The flip side of undoing stories of the mind, then, is harnessing the power of the mind to create the change we want. Guided imagery helps you create the life you desire by experiencing what that life could feel like; integrating this feeling is a key step towards manifesting change.

Guided Imagery can help bring about almost any state of being, such as calm or peace.  I might offer to help you to experience what deep peace or calm feels like in your body through remembering or imagining a time when you felt such peace or calm. You get to let the feeling permeate your entire being and experience it very deeply. Your body then recognizes that feeling as its own and you can more easily access it outside of therapy.


EMDR is a powerful, life-altering process that I use in conjunction with the other methods I describe above. Learn more about how I use EMDR.