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Infusing your relationships with more joy, passion, and lasting lovingkindness

Loving Sexuality

I’m Beth Apfelbaum. Over the last 25 years of clinical work, spiritual practice, sex counseling and research review, I have developed a signature blend of innovative approaches that have helped many hundreds of individuals and couples to manifest, grow and savor the relationships and sex lives they desire.

In the last ten years, I have put particular attention to refining the components of what works to create sustainably joyful and passionate relationships, including with oneself. I now have a substantial body of original and tested work, from which I created The Loving Sexuality Institute.

What stands out about our offerings is that they bring forth a marriage of wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions, with modern evidence-based insights on love, sex and relationship. Whether you come for a workshop, group or individual therapy, we help you infuse all your relationships–starting with yourself–with more joy, passion and lasting lovingkindness.

We start by bringing the practice of mindfulness into our experience. Mindfulness refers to a consciously focused, nonjudgmental, moment-to moment awareness of the thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and outside stimuli that pass through our consciousness.

Building upon this foundational skill, we practice:

  • Cultivating a deep, slowed-down, nuanced awareness of ALL that arises within us, including our negative stories, and what they catalyze
  • Surrounding and embracing this awareness process with an exquisitely soft, gentle and accepting love and compassion
  • Bearing witness to and dissolving the stories we unearth to reveal the vast and ever-present spaciousness throughout our entire field of awareness
  • Using the clarity of the spaciousness to help infuse ourselves with joy, passion and lasting lovingkindness

Over and over, I have guided clients through this process, to replace negative story lenses with new views of, (and therefore new experiences of), reality:

And so, we rewire our relationships, including with ourselves, for more joy, passion, and lasting lovingkindness; we replace undesired sexual patterns with resonance, aliveness and juice; we connect with–and live from–the truth of our radiant hearts.

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